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Expanding Squares has shown up on this experimental music site. They appareantly don’t do reviews of any of the albums they showcase, just post the links to albums. Not sure what that’s all about but I do appreciate them showcasing it there :)

My friend Troxum has started doing reviews. He did one for Expanding Squares, describing my singing voice as ‘Simon Le Bon on a coke range bender’ lol, amongst other things. He also makes really good, ethereal, glitchy electronic music. It is also available on his site. 

Expanding Squares came out 14 days ago. Its a concept album about a league of intergalaxtic cybershamans opposing an environmentally destructive totalitarian dystopia. The album, in typical XR fashion, blends and transcends numerous musical genres. Elements of industrial, dream pop, hiphop, world, post-punk, tropicalia, jazz, noise and the otherwise uncategorizble. 12 tracks. Floorshime Zipper Boots wrote up a little blurb about it.  Purchase at: Enjoy :)

another song off my upcoming album Expanding Squares. And here’s another one: Both of these songs are also going to be made into singles later in the year. 

My latest album Expanding Squares is coming out in about a month, right after my friend Petrushka Morinsk mixes/masters it and my other friend Jackie Mckown does the artwork. Its loosely a non-linear concept album about a group of intergalactic technoshamans fighting against an oppressive destructive totalitarian police state.The tehnoshamans want a symbiotic intertwining of nature and technology and overall a return to a more balanced way of life. This is one of the songs off of it. Here’s another:

Realized I hadn’t made a post on here for a while and that I never posted this nice review I received for my last album Neuron Observer. 

these nice dudes did up a review of both of my last albums last month. Almost 4 out of 5 for both, not too bad :)

My friend Michael Abraham shot this Vine video of my performance of ‘Jump Into The Portals’ at Goodbye Blue Monday in NYC, currently the only document I know that exists of the tour unfortunately, or at least my performances at it :/ Pictures and videos were forgotten to be taken at the others for various complicated reasons. Also, Cleveland was cancelled by the venue owner for still unknown reasons and Atlantic City got botched due to Bernie picking up bad psychic Qi Gong vibes from some of the people apparently and becoming uncomfortable enough to want to leave. I regret not playing the latter, but it is what is. Overall, a kind of fucked up tour in a lot of ways but at least Cincinnati and the two NYC gigs went pretty well. Just wish there were more pictures :/ I am planning on playing a handful of random non-tour dates in the remainder of 2013 in Philadelphia, NYC, and Morgantown WV, so stay tuned for those. Also another tour is in the works for next Spring or Summer, hopefully it goes overall better than this one did. Peace. 

Xylen Roberts/Shrine Tour August/September 2013

So yeah I am going on tour with my friend Shrine ( the last week of August/early Sept. So far it’s less of a traditional tour and more of a ‘several dates in NYC and 2 or 3 shows in Ohio’ kind of thing but nonetheless, there you go. Not all the dates are listed yet but here’s what we have so far:

Monday August 26th: with Orange Luna Temple @ Pats In The Flats, Cleveland, Oh

Tuesday, August 27th: with Brain and JF Sebastian @ The Brain House in Cincinnati OH, 9pm.

Wednesday, August 28th at Cafe Bourbon St./The Summit, Columbus, Oh

Friday the 30th: with The Absent Center and Air Is Human @ The Boneyard, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Saturday the 31st: with Computer Syndrome @ The Living Gallery in New York City, 9pm.

Monday, September 2nd: Goodbye Blue Monday in NYC at 9pm.


Xylen Roberts is an experimental composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer known for his eclectic and unpredictable approach. A brief look at his discography will immediately give you the right idea about this artist, or actually, could put a big question mark upon your forehead,…

pretty extensive review from Andrea over at Bandcamp Diaries. Thanks again, Andrea :)

My new album is fucking awesome. Post-everything indietronic dreamy psychedelic prog-pop glitch somethingsomething. This is some next level shit. mangggggggggggggggg. 


Xylen Roberts is a composer and multi-instrumentalists with an eclectic approach, producing genre defying tracks with an electronic twist. His latest full-length album, entitled “Jump Into The Portals” is a collection of 10 songs that stand as a testimony of Xylen’s unwillingness to compromise…

Thank you Bandcamp Diaries for this review :)